Public Statement of Easyfind Company

Public Statement of Easyfind Company

Distinguished Partners, Customers, and Friends,

We, the Board of Directors of Easyfind Company (hereinafter referred as “Easyfind”) solemnly announced that the new executive senior team of Easyfind has been built. On April 24th, 2018, the Board of Directors formally appointed Mr. Xiaoying Liu as the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Zheng Gu as the Chief Financial Officer, and Ms. Zhennan Li as the Chief Operative Officer.

On the same day, Easyfind established a new department-the Department of Financial Investment. It is responsible for financing operations, capital management, and all the business investments of Easyfind approved by the Board of Directors. We are confident that our elite team is now ready to effectively utilize the leadership of Easyfind and the existing commercial assets and platforms to lead Easyfind to a road of rapid development and innovation as an industry leader.

Prior to the establishment of the Department of Financial Investment on April 24th, 2018, Easyfind never authorized anyone to raise funds publicly or privately in any name or in any case. Therefore, Easyfind has no direct or indirect responsibility for any illegal financing or illegal activities without the authority of the Board of Directors. Also, we will reserve the right to take legal measures, report to the police, and prosecute the illegal personnel, illegal behaviors, or illicit financing in the name of Easyfind. Subject to the authority of the Board of Directors, from April 24th, 2018 onwards, the Department of Financial Investment will complete all financing plans and management on behalf of Easyfind.

Meanwhile, the Board of Directors announces that all the notices, information, and documents of Easyfind will be deemed to be authentic and effective only if any of the following requirements are fulfilled: (1) approved by the Board of Directors; (2) published on the official website of Easyfind, with the social media account of Easyfind, and through the designated information channel, and (3) presented by the Board of Directors. Easyfind cannot be represented by anyone’s personal opinions, speeches, conducts, and activities. Easyfind has no joint and several liabilities for any public or private losses caused by the above speeches and behaviors of anyone. If anyone uses the name and/or trademark of Easyfind to conduct activities or mislead the public without the approval or authorization of the Board of Directors, Easyfind reserves the right to take legal measures and to prosecute the violations.

Finally, we greatly appreciate your on-going trust and support to Easyfind. Easyfind here reminds you that if you have any questions on our relevant information, notices, financing, and project investment, or would like to report any criminals and behaviors that damage the reputation of Easyfind, please kindly contact us by the following ways at any time to let us answer your questions, verify the authenticity of the content, protect the legitimate rights and interests of Easyfind and yours.

Our contact information is as follows:

In-person to our office at 630 W Duarte Road, Suite 305, Arcadia, CA 91007
Phone: (909) 695-2666
Email: info@easyfind8.com

Shutang Li
Co-Founder and Chairman of Easyfind Company
Board of Directors

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